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  Our service allows our clients to make legal procedures, in a correct, agile, fast and accurate way so that they can be valid in other countries without having to go to consular offices.

We offer
  • Argentina

  • Italy

Consular legalization for the following countries:
  • Apostille and legalization services in all the Departments of State in the United States for all kinds of documents, including FBI documents, corporate documents, transcripts and diplomas, etc.

  • Legalization of documents at the Embassies of Cuba, Kuwait, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, and other countries, in Washington

  • Legalization of documents at the Consulates of Argentina in Miami

  • Preparation of all kinds of General and Special Powers of Attorney, Departure/Travel Permits for children to travel abroad, Affidavits, Certificate of Life, etc.

  • Preparation of Letters of Invitation for visa application before the Embassy of the United States

  • Requesting corporate documents in the different Departments of State.

  • Translations from English into Spanish and Spanish into English

  • National and international express/overnight delivery services

  • US. Passport Rush

  • We are processing Visas for China

  • Translations into and from German

  • Police Background Check Reports from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement

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